Family Dental Care Santa Rosa

Family Dentistry Santa Rosa

Choosing a family dentist means choosing somebody you trust to teach your children good dental habits that will last a lifetime, gently care for your children when they need dental procedures, and protect your children’s smiles and all the confidence that goes with them. Choosing your Santa Rosa family dentist is a significant decision for your entire family. At Santa Rosa Dental, we warmly welcome you and your children into our practice, and we treat your family like our own: with professionalism and compassion.

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry typically means the maintenance and restorative work you image when somebody says “I’m going to the dentist.” This includes regular dental cleanings, education on proper brushing and flossing, and occasional tooth-colored dental fillings or dental crowns. Being a Santa Rosa family dentist also means, not surprisingly, Dr. Michael Rice welcomes children of all ages at Santa Rosa Dental. Children require special attention because they are often intimidated by the dentist. Our entire Santa Rosa family dentistry staff works hard to create an inviting environment to give our younger patients a positive impression and keep them focused on caring for their smiles.

What family dentistry services do you offer?

Santa Rosa Dental is a full-service dental facility. We meet all dental needs for your whole family:

Santa Rosa family dentist Dr. Michael Rice will always take the time to answer your questions and discuss your dental concerns. We want you to fully understand your family’s oral health and make an informed decision on the best way to keep all of your family members healthy and smiling.

Advanced Specialized Dental Care Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa Dental offers high quality general dentistry and the latest advanced cosmetic dentistry options. Santa Rosa family dentist Dr. Michael Rice believes restorative and cosmetic dentistry complement each other in many cases. Ultimately, we want our patients to smile confidently and enjoy the lifetime of opportunity that a winning smile will bring. To enhance your smile, Santa Rosa family dentist Dr. Michael Rice offers:

With experience, training, and passion for excellent service and results, Santa Rosa family dentist Dr. Michael Rice haves made Santa Rosa Dental a trusted source for your entire family’s general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry needs.

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